CANIS is a product of the partnership between MultiControl, PID Polska and National Center for Nuclear Research (NCBJ).

The MultiControl company was established in 2010. The main goal is commercialising the results of many years of cooperation between science and industry. The partnership between PID Polska Ltd. and the National Center for Nuclear Research has resulted in developing an innovative detection noninvasively system “MultiControl CANIS”, which is now the primary product of SPV company - MultiControl.

The company deals with both the production of a modular gantry system for screening large-size loads at border crossings and cargo containers as well as a stationary system for rail cargo inspection. We also offer comprehensive services for installation, commissioning and service of solutions present market solution.

Thanks to our experienced staff, we provide products and services at the highest technological level.
Multicontrol owns production and technical facilities and offers construction and design services. Our service department is at your disposal 24/7, ready to remotely help in any situation. As part of the contract, our service guarantees access to the diagnosis within 30 minutes and repair within 24 hours.

We also provide post-warranty service and post-warranty repairs of most X-ray scanners available on the market.
We work closely with State Treasury Administration, Customs Service academia and leading public institutions to respond to changing security threats, and together we develop cutting-edge threat detection and security solutions.

PID Polska

PID Polska Ltd. as a many years’ experience company in technology correlated with X-ray image analysis was selected in Bridge Alfa project (NCBiR) for commercialization of the CANIS system by NCBJ and PwC.

PID Polska as a leader in X-ray detector implementation in to industry in Poland. PID Polska offers solutions which ensure the most advanced level of X-ray image analysis available on the market allowing the highest precision of contaminant detection.

The quality control of the final product at the last stage of its production, i.e. just before it is sent to the final recipient, is an essential element of the entire production process. Thanks to the solution offered by PID Polska, the customer can control the quality of his products without impacting production efficiency.

Even the most rigorous production standards do not eliminate the risk of physical contamination or shortages. X-ray detectors offered by PID Polska constitute the last element of the whole production line, providing the safety of the finished product.


National Centre for Nuclear Research is the biggest research institute in Poland and also the only one Polish research institution operating a nuclear reactor (the MARIA reactor). Currently, they employ over 1000 employees including 60 Professors and 151 PhDs.

The fundamental research includes experimental and theoretical efforts to discover the most fundamental laws of nature. They conduct reactor research, including works on nuclear fuel elements and nuclear system safety studies.

NCBJ also build subsystems of the largest accelerators in the world and is an independent producer of accelerators for medicine, industry and science. One of the developed solutions is the innovative CANIS system for cargo inspection based on an innovative double energy accelerator, which make possible to change energy in a real time.


MultiControl Sp. z o.o.

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MultiControl Ltd. with its registered office in Warszawa and address: ul. Osmańska, nr 12, Tax Identification No. (NIP) 5213583235, Statistical No. (REGON) 142472482, share capital in the amount of 50 000,00 PLN entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register kept by the District Court for Lublin in Swidnik, VI Commercial Division of the National Court Register under KRS no. 0000366840.