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Take full control with dual energy scanning

Introducing MultiControl CANIS – Interlaced Energy Cargo Scanning System – the industry’s most comprehensive cargo, railway wagons and vehicle inspection system for detecting security threats and contraband.

Our signature technology – Dual Energy Accelerator gives our systems unparalleled detection capabilities, making it the technology of choice when the highest levels of security are required.


Get the full picture in just one scan

With MultiControl CANIS you can control the scanning energy from 2 to 9 MeV,
to precisely discriminate different density materials in just one scan.

Grey Scale X-Ray Image
Colour X-Ray Image
Standard Dual Energy
X-Ray Image
Patented Variable Interlaced
Energy Technology X-Ray image

Technology developed by NCBJ, in cooperation with customs officers, in response to the needs of border control and security agencies.

CANIS Technology
  • Non-invasive inspection of large-size goods
  • Maintaining the capacity of border crossings
  • Real-time control
  • Precise identification of various materials during one scan
  • The ability to scan large cars (TIR) as well as small (personal)
  • User-friendly software (simple and intuitive)
  • Specially designed software supporting the user
  • The possibility of scanning up to 320 mm of steel (for 6/9 MeV option)
  • MultiControl CANIA can detect attempts to import dangerous objects, e.g. bombs, weapons
  • MultiControl CANIS will detect attempts to smuggle non-priced and undeclared goods like alcohol, RTV equipment, cigarettes
  • MultiControl CANIS will identify illegally travelling passengers – illegal emigrants hidden in the scanned object
  • MultiControl CANIS is the detection of dangerous and environmentally harmful goods
  • MultiControl CANIS is the prevention of unlawful export of historical artefacts and works of art from Poland

one scan contaraband

excellent penetration – up to 320 mm of steel

easy, radiation free drive – through process

high – throughput cargo inspection

automated material discrimination

user – friendly software, visual analysis support


MultiControl CANIS scanner
from start to finish

Radiation source
  • A two-energy accelerator
  • High energy source in the range of 2 to 9 MeV
  • Smooth energy regulation in the full working range
  • Steel penetration up to 320 mm (for 6/9 MeV option)
  • Change in beam energy at 1000 Hz
  • Construction maintains a constant distance from the source
  • Based on precision scintillators and line detectors
  • High quality image
  • Custom design matching
  • Control of radiation source by user panel (calibration process, variable angle)
  • Image interpretation acceleration by pre-treatment processing
  • Image focus, scaling and selection
  • Automatic contrast / brightness
  • Colours adding, inversion, black/white, adjusting saturation
  • Photos and data archiving
  • Interpretation support system
  • Automatic image comparison
  • Database remote connection – big data

MultiControl Sp. z o.o.


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